Professional Website or just a Facebook page in 2018 ?

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It has come to our attention that many people these days prefer to use only a Facebook page to advert their company because as common sense says where are more people you can attract more clients.
Is that true ? Should we set goals only for places where we think there are more clients ?
But first of all let’s answer a simple question. Why do we need a website for our company ? does it do something ?

For us here in Technical2Support that is a simple question. A Professional website enhances the image of your business.

Thats right, you are saying to your client that you are here for him now and in the near future.


How about a Facebook page ? that’s easy and i can do it myself.

True, Facebook has the best tools to help you make your own page as you see fit and not pay a cent (not true but we will answer that in another post).

Why don’t we agree with just having one ? well the most obvious answer is that we just don’t feel right having our data in a service that we can not control.But there is more to it.Sure you may find more people using the Facebook now so they can reach easier but when they do, imagine what they want ? They need to know that they can trust you and well by using your Facebook page they don’t really feel that.
Most of them would like to open your page find your phone and call you. And thats why even if you don’t like it we need to show our clients and future clients that there is always a safe place where they can reach us always.


So what do we think ?

So you might want to know our opinion. Do your self a favor and go for a professional website that you can make your own and build a database of clients around it. It will work better for you in the end.

Final Thoughts

We would like to leave you with some tips. They may help you in creating a better website!

1. Before starting be sure to have in mind the imagine and atmosphere of what you want to create.
2. Write down your target group. You want your website to be as more as appealing as possible to these people.
3. Be careful when creating landing pages.
4. Make sure that your website can give easier your info to your possible clients
5. Always have a good and strong paragraph in each page
6. And last make sure that your website gives the feeling that is secured. Most of us don’t want our personal data all over the internet.


And that’s all folks! We are trying to keep these posts to a minimum but try to give as much as possible. We would love to hear your thoughts! Have a nice day

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p.s.2 : Also in the Preview image you can see our latest work for Triple AAA company. More on that later!



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