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  Hell’s Kitchen Greece 2018 01
Broadcasting Solutions

We were lucky enough to be responsible to provide the human resources necessary for Hells Kitchen Show here in Greece….

  HD Virtual Set and Studio 02
Branding and Identity / Broadcasting Solutions / CGI / Visualisation Services

Technical2Support is leader in the constructing of complex and customizable 3D virtual sets for any situation. A Media company wanted…

  Novasports Super league Goals 03
Branding and Identity / Broadcasting Solutions / CGI / Visualisation Services

TV Show Sports24 wanted to create a fresh and more modern look for the ident used when showing the goals…

  Eucrasia Website 04
WordPress Development

The Eucrasia Experience is a scientific nutrition and exercise approach to achieving and maintaining metabolic balance and psycho-emotional awareness. Eucrasia’s…

Branding and Identity / Marketing Consultation / Print and Publishing

Η ακράτεια ούρων είναι η οποιαδήποτε ακούσια απώλεια ούρων που μπορεί να αποτελέσει πρόβλημα υγιεινής ή να προκαλέσει άγχος και…

  Cosmote Sport TV 06
Branding and Identity / Broadcasting Solutions / CGI / Visualisation Services

Cosmote Sport is a premium Sports service in Greece and is owned by OTE. It launched in 2009 as Conn-x…

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